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When was Scholarcash created?

We were founded in April of 2020, a month after COVID-19 was classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, after the issue of student loans came into the limelight within the United States. We initially were called "Collegecash", though, in order to be more inclusive of those who are attending alternative forms of higher education and trade schools, we rebranded to the name we use today!

What does Scholarcash aim to fix?

The main mission of Scholarcash is to substantially alleviate the student debt crisis within the United States, specifically by targeting those who are entering college and equipping them with the knowledge needed to make a wise and financially responsible decision for their higher education. We also pair this with an always growing database of scholarships that are available to virtually everyone that is looking for financial support.

Why does Scholarcash do giveaways?

Throughout our first year of operation, we noticed the lack of hard tools and resources unavailable to those who used our services. These demographics are typically low-income and minority populations. Quite literally, we want to give away items such as Mac Books, iPads, and other tech. The intersectionality of these minority groups paired with who has a harder time alleviating their debt parallel and intersect greatly. By equipping students with physical technology, they can then be on the same level as everyone who uses the software: accessible to those that need it.

Is Scholarcash a Non-Profit or an LLC?

Currently, we are simply classified under Intellectual Property (or "I.P."), so we can continue hosting scholarships and giveaways in a higher volume without a ton of red legal tape. If you'd like to help us on our journey in doing so, feel free to contact us!

Is Scholarcash run by the United Nations?

Scholarcash does not take orders and direction from the United Nations directly. We more closely associate with the UN Foundation and the UN Affairs Committee. Our association is through the Social Development Goals, as we strive to uphold and build upon the three SDG goals we aim to help tackle: [4] Quality Education, [9] Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, [10] Reduced Inequalities, and [17] Partnerships for the Goals. Through the advising and directive from these goals, we help carry out the mission the United Nations set out to achieve.

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