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Total owed student loan debt in the United States, as of Summer 2021.
"The pandemic exacerbated inequities of marginalized students. Scholarcash will initiate an open-door policy to expand opportunities to those who would not have had the resources otherwise."
linda thomas greenfield us ambassador to the united nations
Linda Thomas greenfield
US Ambassador to the United Nations
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"The rise of Covid-19 presented the need for financial literacy and access for our younger generations of Americans. Scholarcash will be an integral part in increasing access to higher education."
Charles "chuck" Schumer
US Senate Majority Leader
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charles chuck schumer us senate majority leader
Driven by the Social Development Goals
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Our Impact in numbers:

Invested in scholarships and resources to BIPOC individuals since March of 2020.
Students directly impacted by Scholarcash through info-media campaigns.
Donated for future scholarships spanning until the end of 2021.
(As of February 2021.)

recognized by:

United States 117th Senate
(As of February 2021)
United States Dept. of State
‍(As of February 2021)
United Nations Dev. Programme
(As of April 2021)

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